Austin Events 2016: Valentine’s Day Fun

Valentine’s Day was once dominated by couples but in recent years, it has grown popularity by a wider group.  Families with young children and best-friends are taking advantage of this annual holiday to come together and celebrate LOVE.  LOVE is spoken by all ages and since the shift from exclusively catering to couples to a larger group, the options to celebrate are greater.  Families are spending more time together dining out collectively vs. hiring a sitter.  And, those who are in-between relationships celebrate the value of friendships.  The global message for the holiday is to spend time with loved ones, so here’s a few ways in Austin to do just that:

An Awesome Valentine’s Day Event Alice in Winter Wonderland

               A shindig for all ages offering Cooking Lessons, Tastings, Games and Beverages galore.

AiWland Poster Austin 2016

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A Classic Valentine’s Day Option – preview “The Notebook” via the Blue Starlite Mini Urban Drive In


Living at Platinum Southside, in SoCo Austin, puts you within 20 minutes of these two events.  Call or Stop by our leasing office today to see our awesome property!


Considering at home options? Here are a two easy recipes that are sure to please.

skillet-steak-salad Country Living

Recipe: Herb-Garlic Crusted Flank Steak with Pan-Roasted Grapes – source

Easy Homemade Pizza

Recipe: Homemade Pizza – source: