New Year’s Resolutions for 2016


N.E.A.T. (Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis) – Dr. James Levine discovered benefits of Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis living.  “You can expend calories in one of two ways – through gym/high activity and daily living activities.  Compare these two scenarios:

  1. Joe comes home from his desk job at night, eats dinner and goes directly to the recliner to catch up on his DVR list.
  2. Bob comes home from his desk job, eats dinner, takes the dogs for a walk, mows the yard and then sits down to watch 60 minutes of TV.

Overtime, Bob will be more fit and lean just because of his non-exercise living activities under the second scenario.  Think of the pedometer craze, it essentially helps people stay informed of their non-exercise activity, which in turn motivates people to keep‘moving’.

walking your dog 

Calorie Consumption Awareness – It’s easy to lose track of your calorie consumption, so instead of tracking over a period of many days/weeks, commit to 3 solid days of tracking.  Whether with pen and paper or the latest smartphone app, you’ll learn quickly what foods to eat and which ones to substitute.  It’s easy to swap high calorie, low protein food with better foods to provide the right balance and sustain your energy level.

  • Apples with a Butter, Almond or Peanut
  • Cheese Sticks and Salami
  • Water, infused with fresh fruit
  • Hard boiled eggs with avocado spread, to name a few…

Making simple changes to your food choices makes the day interesting and changes your calorie intake.

Healthy Food Swaps

Eating Clean – Not just a craze or fad, but a true new way of living.  Eating clean is an easy way to refresh your insides and fully recharge yourself.  The basics are to eliminate all processed
foods with natural foods like veggies, fruits, and eating six small meals a day. eat-clean-2


Come visit the property and see for yourself.

For those who love to add active moments to their everyday life, consider working out.  Even 20 minutes a day makes for a positive use of limited time.  At Platinum Southside, in Austin, Texas, the residents have access to an on-site fitness center appropriate for all fitness levels.